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Online education in skin diseases for Medical Students, General Practitioners
and other Medical Specialists and their Trainees.

Dermatology is an exceedingly interesting specialty. There are more than 2000 named skin diseases many of which are very rare. The big advantage of dermatology over other specialties is that you are able to see, touch and feel the problem you are dealing with and sometimes even smell it!  An experienced Dermatologist can recognise the common skin diseases at 20 paces without the need for expensive tests or scans or even skin biopsies. 90% of inflammatory skin disease seen in clinical practice is made up of psoriasis, eczema and acne but each of these conditions has many different clinical presentations

The websites outlined below from the Australian Institute of Dermatology provide online dermatology education at different levels. They are moderated by Specialist Dermatologists in various countries. Click on any of the images for more information about each site.

Access to the undergraduate website is available free to genuine undergraduates in medicine. You can register for it here. Access to the other websites for General Practitioners, Specialist Dermatologists and their Trainees should be done here. As well as providing an education platform these websites also provide an opportunity for cases to be submitted to the website for diagnosis and advice on management by a Specialist Dermatologist.